Color switch is an agile casual click game.  You will control a small ball in this game, allowing it to rise continuously through flexible clicks, passing through the same colour position and entering the next challenge.  Although its operation is simple, it tests your control ability very much. Do you have the courage to challenge and see how many points you can score?

Color switch’s game operations

In Color switch, you will keep clicking with the left mouse button to keep the ball rising.

Color switch’s game content

It is a challenge made up of colour circles, and you control a small green ball and can only pass through the green area.  Otherwise, the wrong colour can only be broken and needs to be rechallenged.  In Color switch, if you get the stars in two colour circles, then you get one point.  Such a score is not simple. Accurate control will enable you to get more points.

Color switch’s game features

The more points you get, the more difficult the challenge you face in the colour circle.  Color switch tests your flexible clicking. Too fast or too slow may cause the ball to break and need to be challenging again.  But its game screen style is simple and can give you an excellent visual experience.

Color switch is a game that tests control ability extremely. You must accurately control the ball to pass through the part with the same color, and when you are between two levels.  Once you wear the wrong color and are touched by other colors, your consequences will be shattered.  The play snake also tests your control. You can live longer only if you let it grow up through eating food, face the provocations of other opponents cautiously, and avoid the obstacles around it.

Puzzles bring you more thinking exercises, which enable you to develop new ways of thinking.  Faced with different problems, you will no longer be confined to a problem-solving idea and fall into a bottleneck.  Or the area of a triangle is also a right choice, and it can make you clear the knowledge of triangle area, and can give you an excellent platform for practice and review.

Duck life 5 is fascinating and can enable you to embark on a brand-new journey. You will embark on an extraordinary and unknown journey in search of unique treasures.  However, you need to solve the severe problems you are facing, successfully surmount the obstacles and traps you encounter, and finally become yourself.

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